Our Process…Working with Students

Working with 9th -12th grade high school students, the goal is to set up a detailed, personalized program for each student’s greatest success.

The College Consortium process includes:

  • Offering high school class scheduling suggestions
  • Suggesting extracurriculars that focus on students strengths and interests
  • Providing student with aptitude assessments and college research opportunities
  • Determining colleges that are a good academic and social fit
  • Arranging best test preparation and testing schedule
  • Planning college visits
  • Support in creating a strong application
  • Arranging writing exercises and guidance for successful, dynamic college essays
  • Helping students stay focused and organized throughout the admissions process
  • Providing support and reducing college admissions anxiety for parents
  • Guiding students and families to determine the best college choice

The College Consortium Portal

The College Consortium Portal is personalized for each student. The portal offers organizational and research tools, assignments and invaluable strategies for successful admission results.

The College Consortium Senior Planner

The Senior Planner and resources provide organizational tools to help students navigate all aspects of the admissions process.

Creating Viable College Lists

Crafting a personalized college list, utilizing 2 data driven resources to determine likelihood of acceptances